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 Breeding Quality European Great Danes


​Welcome, My name is Kim.
I have loved the masculinity of the Great Dane beginning as a child. I first began breeding American Great Danes and now only focusing on European Great Danes. I have always been attracted to the beauty of the European Great Danes. I found them very hard to find here in California but after a lot of research for quality we found Cavalo, Cinza, Soldado, Cadela and Amiga. My great friend owns Lioa.
 I offer quality European Great Dane puppies for sale. I take great pride in my dogs. All the pups that come out of my home are top quality, great conformation and temperament. They are very well socialized and make amazing pets!      
 European Great Danes Puppies for sale from us means producing only quality, 100% European Great Dane puppies, Big heads, bones, Great muscle, structure and nice lip. Bred to European standards for show or to make a quality pet. What's the difference between European and American...refer to 'food and fact's' for a little information on that subject.     
My Danes all grow up here in our home. They will go camping, fishing, bike riding, my father's dairy for a run and a swim and anywhere else our hobbies take us. My dogs are all family pets. I am NOT a kennel.    
How did you come up with that dogs name?
What's it mean?
​ My dogs are all given Portuguese names that carry a meaning. This idea came from the inspiration and influence of a very hard working man , my father.  
 Why a Dane? If you have had the joy to own a Dane, you too understand once you own a dane it is hard not to be your breed for life=) If you are getting your first will never look back, they are truly amazing! You will be a forever Dane Welcome=)

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