Dog Room:
This is an addition to my home for my dogs. Yes, I do have crates, I strongly believe in crate training and have a few dogs who wouldn't want it any other way=)
 This room has heating and air. When they are not in here they are enjoying some sun outside.

                                 Puppy box:
After 2~4 weeks puppies come into the Dog Room. This area provides more space, new smells and sounds for  healthy puppy development. Offers  great privacy for momma and babies. 

This is where the puppies are whelped and remain in here for 2 to 4 weeks depending on the litter and mother. ( comes with TOP security guards=o)

My home is on 24 hour surveillance. I am able to keep an eye on puppies and mom from my phone, anywhere.

~Where your puppies start their lives~