Health   Guarantee
The breeder warrants that the puppy is in excellent health at the time of purchase/pick-up/delivery. The puppy has received its first  vaccinations, but is not fully protected until all of its vaccinations have been completed at about 16 weeks by your vet. Therefore, exposure to other unknown dogs or even placing the puppy on the floor outside of your home is risky and your puppy could get ill before that 16 week period.
  The health guarantee is good for a period of three (3) days from the time that your puppy leaves my possession. Meaning, It is required that your puppy be examined by a licensed veterinarian during this period or there will be no guarantee. A copy of the exam must be mailed to the Breeder and post marked within 7 business days of the purchase date to validate.
   If with In 15 days of taking possession, the puppy is diagnosed with a severe genetic disability and had or has not already see owners vet ,next steps follow. Step 1,the purchaser agrees to take said puppy to a licensed vet to be chosen by the breeder. Step 2, Purchaser is responsible for taking the puppy to the breeders veterinarian at the breeders expense. No refunds or exchanges will be given with out a written statement from the breeders licensed veterinarian declaring the dog unfit for sale.
 The buyer's licensed veterinarian must provide the seller with a written certificate stating the exact cause of death as verified by an necropsy/autopsy at pet owners expense. If the death was caused by a genetic defect listed below and not neglect by the buyer, the puppy will be replaced with one of equal value as soon as one is available. If these regulations are not met the guarantee becomes null and void.
  The puppy will have an examination by our veterinarian before being shipped. Shipped pup will come with a State of California Health Certificate signed by our vet, kennel vaccination and worming records. Breeder does not guarantee against the following after the puppy has left Breeders home: Parvo, distemper or any other communicable diseases for which vaccinations could prevent, intestinal parasites, pyometritis (Pyometra), aggression, any reproductive issues, ectropian, hypoglycemia, heart worm, undescended testicles,inverted vulva, kennel cough and viral infections,HOD, heart murmor ,cherry eye, cancer, haw eyes, gastric torsion of a stomach, demodex mange(any type), inguinal or umbilical hernias, fleas, ticks or ear mite, giardia and Coccidia. Parasites are common. It is highly recommend testing be performed by the new owners vet. We do everything we can to breed a healthy, Quality puppy but as in humans life has a lot of unexpected circumstances that no one can control.
 Our European Great Danes are free of genetic abnormalities, to the best knowledge of the Seller. The breeder will offer a warranty up to 2  years of age for a replacement Great Dane of equal value if the Great Dane presents with the following Genetic defects:     Hip or Elbow Dysplasia (results accepted from OFA and PennHIP ) not including dysplasia due to old age, Congenital Cardiac Disease (results accepted from OFA), Autoimmune Thyroid Disease (results accepted from OFA), Congenital Wobblers or Congenital Seizure Disorder (results accepted only from Veterinarian certified documentation of the condition) ; as soon as possible, doccuments must be returned to breeder (at owners expense) and results will be reviewed by my vet and finial decision made on her opinion. If cause is as listed above dog will be replaced with a puppy of equal value as soon as one is available. NO money is ever returned.
​ Cardiac Hypertropy is not covered under this guarantee as this condition effects almost all Great Danes in their final years and is not a congenital abnormality, as well as food or growth related issues (Carpal Flexural Deformity, Carpal Valgus, Hypertrophic Osteodystrophy, Osteochondritis Dissecans, Panosteitis) and any other condition not mentioned above is not covered by our Guarantee. This guarantee is for original buyers only and cannot be transferred to secondary parties.
$800. Deposit due to hold a puppy. It's NON REFUNDABLE!!! This means you do not get it back for ANY reason. You made the commitment to pay it because you wanted a puppy of your choice and that makes it no longer available to Others. You changing your mind effects the pup finding a home at an important age,this can prolong the process for that pup. So a story that your husband or wife left you, your car blew up or you changed your mind, reason accepted. Sorry;)

All puppies purchased with FULL AKC will be registered bearing the name “Beleza De Amaral" in their AKC registered name. Failure to do so will void the health contract.
All legal matters will be handled in Stanislaus Superior Court, Modesto CA 95350. A violation of any of the clauses in this section will constitute a breach of contract.
The Buyer has read and agrees to the above written Guarantee
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