As I stated in the food section, I highly recommend this food for this stage. Only thing I feed my pups so I speak from experience.

Friends site also has a useful breakdown. CLICK LINK BELOW

Great Dane Lady on knuckling. CLICK LINK  BELOW FOR INFOMATION.

 My puppies feet look crooked....

 When I first got into Euros I noticed they grow a bit  different then any American I have ever owned or bred.  Its very common and I feel expected now in Euros.  Seen at a young age ,this is called  knuckling. 

 (Above  pictures are my girl Zetta at 8 weeks and Cadela at 10weeks)

  Here are a few links of amazing information to help you if you notice a change in your puppies feet. I highly recommend visiting Great Danes lady for great, very useful information on many different subjects reguarding great danes.