Available for Stud

                  ~Information Below~

             All studs 100% European


                  Harlequin- "Cavalo"



                      Blue- "Eslovenia"



                         Harlequin- '"Zeus"


Not proven . Will be Vet tested for count prior to breeding.


                     Harlequin "Jagger"


Not Proven. Will be vet tested prior to breeding. Color tested carries Blue and Fawn.


                                       100% European Danes for Stud

   Stud Fee is Due in full before the breeding takes place.
   We do not do partial stud fees, no pay later, no after the birth payments.
   No live cover accepted ONLY  Artifical Insemination.
   The litter will be registered to the AKC After the Stud Payment has been received and conformation of   litter.
   We recommend a  Brucellosis test, to ensure the bitch is without Brucellosis.
   Its Dam owners responsibility  to do Progesterone testing on the bitch to ensure that she is ovulating and ready to be bred. 
  Dam owner is responsible for cost of AI collection, kit and shipment.
  Stud owner provides 1 Vile, accommodating 2 AI's. Semen will be sent chilled.
  For My studs that are proven and your bitch does not conceive then you are allowed ONE free re breeding.  Studs not  proven      due to no female to be paired with  have had semen checked by a vet and are breed-able. IF your bitch does not conceive then      you are allowed ONE free  re breeding.
  There are NO refunds for any reason. 
  One puppy constitutes a litter.
  We will only provide Stud Service to Standard Colored litters depending on chosen stud.                                                                                                                                                                                                    

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                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Dam Owner:                                                                                                   Date: