I have learned from the OFA website and research that OFA hip clearances of the parents cannot guarantee that your puppy will be free of hip dysplasia. Parents with OFA hip clearances can produce puppies with bad hips.  

It is important to understand that there is a possibility that a puppy from our kennel can develop hip dysplasia, even though parents have good hips. But this does not change the fact that Great Danes all have the ability to produce occasional bad hips in their off spring. Here is why....

It is felt that genetics play between a 25% and 30% role in a dog having hip dysplasia. This means that new owners can assume a great deal of responsibility (70% to 75%) in their dog developing good hips.

This begins with feeding an appropriate diet.  It also means that you should keep your dog lean. Carrying too much weight at a young age is going to add stress on soft puppy bones and ultimately negatively effects skeletal development of a young dog.

New owners need to be very careful of over exercising a pup. This means no jogging until after the dog is 12 months old. This means not exercising to the point of exhaustion, or taking the pup for long walks. Around the block is fine, but don't go on a run or couple mile hike.

Hip dysplasia has five major causes:



*over feeding

*too much exercise at a young age


This is a direct quote from the OFA web site, as of 12/11/08.

"No one can predict when or even if a dysplastic dog will start showing clinical signs of lameness due to pain. There are multiple environmental factors such as caloric intake, level of exercise, and weather that can affect the severity of clinical signs and phenotypic expression (radiographic changes). There is no rhyme or reason to the severity of radiographic changes correlated with the clinical finding. There are a number of dysplastic dogs with severe arthritis that run, jump, and play as if nothing is wrong and some dogs with barely any arthritic radiographic changes that are severely lame."  

 As you can see the whole subject of canine hip dysplasia can be quite confusing. I strongly suggest that you keep your Dane trim and in good physical shape. Danes can gain weight easily and an overweight dog can cause stress and damage to the hip and elbow joints. High protein levels will also affect your Dane. High protein causes them to grow to fast and if they continue threw life on a high protein it can build up in the joints and simulate dysplasia.

  Cant keep your Puppy/Dog?

If for any reason the new owner is unable to keep the puppy at any point in its life, they agree to contact me and give me the opportunity to take the dog back or help place it in an appropriate, new home. New owner must agree to never let this puppy go to an animal shelter, rescue or humane society. Shipping is owners responsibility to get dog to me or the new owner. All expenses are current owners responsibility. Cost of dog will never be refunded.

  When can we take our new baby home?

8 weeks is the soonest my puppies are re-homed...they learn so much from being with their litter mates and mother, lessons about socialization, biting, playing, fighting etc... Not to mention the importance of Mothers milk which is full of calories & immunities. Puppies can develop separation anxiety. Also can have food aggression when weaned too young. All these & other reasons are why State of Ca changed laws to 8wks before pups can leave their mother!!!......as a dog trainer, most of our behavioral problems with dogs come from them being separated from their litter and mother at a young age (under * weeks) and they do not know their boundaries and what is acceptable play behavior. If they bite too hard on their litter mates or get bitten too hard, the mother and litter mates teach what is appropriate.

 Full or Limited Registration.

The dog/bitch will NEVER be bred if purchased on a limited contract. If bred, Beleza De Amaral can retrieve dam and litter. If purchased with full registration; the bitch is not to be bred before 18 months or the second heat cycle. 

Your puppies personality...

Please take into consideration there are dominate pups in every litter. A dominate/ alpha pup can grow to be dominate/ alpha adult. A home with a current alpha dog OR A passive family/ owner should not adopt a dominate dog, it's important to ask your breeder about characteristics of the pup your interested in. The dominance can be seen at a young age but 6 weeks and on is best age to determined this . Also a passive pup can turn into a dominate dog in its new home if it lacks leadership in the new home or is over frightened in its new home. Beleze De Amaral will know the dominate pups in the litter and make you aware. It takes the right home to own a dominate dog. Beleza Da Amaral is not responsible for an alpha pup once it leaves my premises or a pup that ends up aggressive on your premises. ** my dogs are very well socialized!! I do a series of different training steps with my pups before they leave my home to develop a strong since of security in my pups including:

~a LOT of time with 6 children from day 2

~exposed to cats

~exposed to any other animals in our home,parrots :)~4-weeks-8week new things added to play area.

*Hats, kids toys that make noise

~sound of vacuum

~men are very important to a new pup at young age. Friends come over and visit them. Tall to short:)

~5weeks outside day:)

~ feel of grass

~ sounds of other dogs playing in their runs

~running hose water,that's always fun

~ sound of yard work


~most important being inside the house to explore!

Pups raised outside are obvious, they don't know how to walk on carpet.

I take many measures to make these pups have the best chance at an open mind and ability to adjust to things that might scare unsocialized young pups.

~There is a $25 per day boarding fee for any puppy not picked up or shipped  AT 8 weeks old, unless shipping or pick up has been arranged in writing ahead of time.~

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